What ADD & ADHD are really all about explained by Dr. Naoisé O’Reilly

I always see ADD and ADHD as an effect of what is really going on with the students who come to me looking for help and support with their school work. This has helped me to coin a term over the last 4 years called "Diffuse Focus™" to describe what is really happening to them. I equally see these patterns of behaviour carried through to adult life with our business clients!


Dr. Naoisé (Expression Developist™)

A good article on alternatives to traditional ADHD medication:
12 Best Adderall Alternatives: Natural Over the Counter ADHD Substitutes


Theatre Review for “Tell” a show about Oralism and teaching deaf children in Ireland

A very late night blog post but I need to get this up quickly so you don't miss your chance to see this great show! If you have always wanted to understand the politics behind why some deaf people sign and others don't, and to understand why Irish and French people can communicate better than they can with their other neighbours .. or what it is like to be overloaded and overwhelmed as to how you process and take in information - THIS is the show for you! Go see as part of the latest THEATREclub festival...


The real irony for me too was that outside the theatre is a collection of tables for you to write you comments and ideas.. we began using this method of writing onto the tables dirrectly at The Homework Club almost 3 years ago because we had a number of profoundly deaf students at the time and they were finding it hard to follow maths in particular! By writing onto the tables we reduced the distance to the material, no one needed to turn their back to write on the board and you were able to instantly write your questions and keep the group dynamic going regardless of your hearing needs! There was no space for "lost in translation."


This show for me shows the idea of what it is like to not be able to read and what it feels like for me on a daily basis faced with written material to decipher. In fact at times in the show with the noise levels, video, pictures and movement I was hard pushed not to be really overwhelmed! This is what it feels like in the written world for me, especially in school and university! The classic trick to show this is that you turn a radio to white noise and continue talking - this show demonstrates this idea to a intense scale beyond anything I have ever experienced!


Enjoy the show 🙂 Dr Naoisé Expression Developist

"Tell" is brought to you by Gemma and Stephen in collaboration with Dylan Coburn Gray



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Irish school system fails 75% of People. Why?

Why does the school system work for so few people? Since the beginning in setting up The Homework Club there was a clear pattern. One third of the students were drawn to us by having a recognised learning difficulty such as my own dyslexia, another third had an un-diagnosed condition such as specific comprehension difficulties which are not easily seen and the last third were made up of all the auditory and kinaesthetic learners who just couldn't fit in or relate to the school material! They are always seen as the disruptive chatter boxes and great on the sports field and not academic.



Working with students with Asperger’s Syndrome

Video to discuss my work with Asperger's Syndrome prompted after some of the recent appalling media coverage of the condition. I currently work with a spectrum of students from the age of 5 to 18



Helping Dyslexics to write within an hour

Even if I don't want to be pigeon-holed as a dyslexic specialist I can't help but attract many dyslexic students to help! I currently work with a range of dyslexic students from the ages of 5 to 55.

It is an absolute joy to see someone effortless write their first page in an hour. I remember only too well how hard it was for me!




Working with Clients who are older than you

Across My 4 different educational and business identities I work with Clients or Students from the ages 5 to well into their 70's. Recently I have been giving some thoughts to both the patterns of behaviour and pivotal moments in everyone's lives. You might find it starange that I can predict the pivatol moments in advance for many studnets or even know when their personalities will have truely developed so they will decide what they really want from life and what people they will choose to have in their lives, sometimes 10 or 20 years in advance of when I'm meeting them - it is joked that I am an oracle!

But another side of this for me is the fact that with Marie O'Riordan, The Forever Method, as we work together many times we work with business Clients across a whole spectrum of backgrounds, cultures, and ages we very regularly work with Clients much older than either of us. We are both in our 30's and yet here we are working with people who are traditionally seen at retirement age. How is this possible? There is that well know phrase you "can't teach an old dog new tricks". But it's not about new tricks, sometimes it is about reminding people about the tricks they can already do, the tricks they have forgotten or the tricks they always aspired to have and that maybe got lost in the day to day monotony of life. I have noticed a new wave of life and patterns in society in recent years and even recently a friend was talking about the older generation in their lives and how they have seen the same new wave. With divorce in western society has come a new generation of people who start their lives over again in their 40's and 50's and even 60's. It's like a second rebirth. One of the great benefits of working with two 30 year olds is that they still have that optimism for life. Everything is possible. You can be whatever you want to be and you become the people you hang out with. If you work with younger mentors they see you as fresh, not old. They ask you about all the dreams you had when you were 30 and why you didn't fulfil them. Now you have a second chance to do this. In short we can work with people older than us as we can make them remember what we have forgotten! In terms of what I believe, I feel everything in the world revolves around expression. What I am most interested in is making people express their dreams and desires for life. Interestingly I have attracted many older dyslexic business people in the same way as I attract them as students in my other projects.

Dr. Naoisé Expression Developist




Welcome to the Confidence Club

One step closer to fulfilling a personal dream of mine - "to make school a happier, creative, more successful and enjoyable place for all students, regardless of their differences"... Dr. Naoisé O'Reilly

There is always a balance between making long term changes in education and supporting those people currently in the system!

One of the many reasons why Students attending The Homework Club become so successful is because of the awareness they have of their own Potential, Personality and Learning Style and how these effect their own educational success. Every Student at The Homework Club is set-up to work to their best abilities within the environment through an initial interview.

The Confidence Club now offers this service to everybody, especially those restricted through distance and who aren't able to attend our classes at The Homework Club.