Announcing Our Newest Service

No matter where you are in the world you can be part of the Confidence Club from the comfort of your own home through Skype or Phone. If you are Dublin based you can of course choose to have a face to face consultation.

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Introduction to the Confidence Club


Want to really achieve your educational potential?

Want to really achieve your educational potential? This is a YouTube introduction to our new project developed over the last 3 years years at The Homework Club by Dr. Naoisé O'Reilly.

Want to really achieve your educational potential?

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Welcome to the Confidence Club

One step closer to fulfilling a personal dream of mine - "to make school a happier, creative, more successful and enjoyable place for all students, regardless of their differences"... Dr. Naoisé O'Reilly

There is always a balance between making long term changes in education and supporting those people currently in the system!

One of the many reasons why Students attending The Homework Club become so successful is because of the awareness they have of their own Potential, Personality and Learning Style and how these effect their own educational success. Every Student at The Homework Club is set-up to work to their best abilities within the environment through an initial interview.

The Confidence Club now offers this service to everybody, especially those restricted through distance and who aren't able to attend our classes at The Homework Club.